Curriculum Vitae
Work Experience
Language Skills

Thank you very much for visiting my personal website. As a student from Germany I would like to give you a brief online introduction about my person through this website. This website is being updated on a regular basis and contains Information that you might need from a student for an employment or an internship application. Furthermore I have divided this website into six categories each explaining and introducing different aspects about myself. Please feel free to look around my website and contact me in case my profile fits to your company.

The first category "Curriculum Vitae" and/or "Resume" reflects my life career starting from my college years up to my present university education. This category serves as a general overview about all my key aspects and achievements during my life career. The Curriculum Vitae reflects the European Version, whereas the Resume indicates the American version of my life career.

The second category "Work Experience" depicts any occupational and work-related experience such as my Internships, my student assistant jobs and my working student jobs in various companies. Since I am also working as skipper during my holidays I have also added this category to the Work Experience category.This category displays my professional and practical work experience that I have been doing alongside my university education.

The third category "Curricular Activities" illustrates the activities that I am involved in during my studies. This category tells you something about my commitment alongside my studies.

The fourth category "Language Skills" displays all my language Certificates that I have gained so far. These Certificates illustrate my knowledge on two foreign languages such as English and Dutch next to my Mother Tongue German.

The fifth category "Childhood" shows you my international upcoming. The most time of my childhood I didn't spend in Germany, but in exotic countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, The Hague and Rotterdam. Growing up internationaly helped me to witness different cultures, values, belief and thought patterns.

The sixth category "Pictures" almost speaks for itself. In this category I uploaded some pictures to give you a kind of virtual presentation about myself and my everyday life.The focus has been set on my past sailing experiences, so please let me show you my unique sailing adventures.