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Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Global Wealth & Investment Management Advisory
Internship from August 2010 until December 2010

Company Profile of Merrill Lynch:

Merrill Lynch's Americas Wealth Management (AWM) group provides advice-based wealth management services and products to individual clients and businesses. The AWM business model is based on our network of more than 16,700 Financial Advisors (FAs) in approximately 750 offices around the world, and the one-to-one relationships they develop with their clients.
Every aspect of a client's financial life is considered, enabling Financial Advisors to become essential partners to their clients and provide customized financial strategies and wealth management advice, products and services.
AWM serves the myriad needs of high-net-worth individuals and small- and mid-sized business owners. Nearly two-thirds of assets under management come from relationships with clients who have investable assets of $1 million or more. We also serve thousands of individuals through employee retirement plans administered and managed on behalf of corporations.

My Job Function within Merrill Lynch:

The intern will be given the opportunity to learn about Merrill Lynch's Wealth Management Group by gaining exposure to key aspects of the Financial Advisory business including various investment vehicles, portfolio creation and analysis, relationship building, client interaction and financial planning. Interns may have client contact and must be able to handle customer inquiries and provide exceptional customer service to our client base.  As an Advisory Intern you may get exposure to sales support positions, typically providing dedicated administrative and sales support to multiple Financial Advisors. Incumbents may also support office initiatives, in addition to the businesses of particular Financial Advisors. Our branch office teams work collaboratively to protect the firm, grow the business and serve the client. Opportunities are available throughout the year.

Job Description in Detail:

The intern will work under close supervision and receive on the job training. After participating in this internship, the intern should have a better understanding of what is involved in becoming a Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. The intern should also become familiar with the many investment choices offered and have a basic understanding of how an investment plan is designed and monitored.

Candidates should demonstrate a strong combination of the following characteristics:

·         Client focus
·         Proven academic excellence
·         Strong quantitative/analytical skills, attention to detail and client focus
·         Ability to work in a team based collaborative environment
·         Exceptional time management and prioritization skills
·         Strong written and oral communication skills
·         Ability to learn quickly and take on new responsibilities
·         Technological proficiency (MS PowerPoint, Excel, Word)

Confirmation Statement Merrill Lynch:

LyondellBasell: Manufacturing Accounting and Finance Accounting
Internship from August 2008 until October 2008

Company Profile of LyondellBasell:

LyondellBasell is one of the world’s largest plastics, chemical, and refining companies. We participate in the entire petrochemical value chain, from refining to specialized petrochemical product end uses. We are the largest producer of polypropylene and polypropylene compounds; a leading producer of propylene oxide, polyethylene, ethylene and propylene; a global leader in polyolefins technology; and a producer of refined products, including biofuels. Additionally, LyondellBasell is a leading provider of technology licenses and a supplier of catalysts for polyolefin production. We are geographically diverse with an extensive global manufacturing, supply, technical and commercial infrastructure. We market and sell our products in more than 100 countries. As economies around the globe develop, the demand for our products continues to grow.

My Job Function within LyondellBasell:

During my internship I worked in both the Manufacturing Accounting and Analysis organization and the Financial Accounting organization. My project for the Manufacturing Accounting and Analysis organization was focused on the consolidation and evaluation of the 2009 - 2013 Business Plans for LyondellBasell Industries costs to manufacture. Ensuring accuracy and completeness for cost categories which were reviewed by management was one further aspect of my Job Function.

My project for the Financial Reporting organization focused on the design of a TeamShare site, where I uploaded data onto TeamShare and developed a monthly calendar of closing activities to be used by the Financial Reporting organization globally.

Job Description in Detail:

Provide leadership and coordination of company financial planning, debt financing, and budget management functions. Ensure company accounting procedures conform to generally accepted accounting principles.

- Direct and coordinate company financial planning and budget management functions.
- Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget.
- Design, establish, and maintain an organizational structure and staffing to effectively accomplish the department's goals and objectives.
- Manage the preparation of the official annual report of actual revenues, transfers, and expenses.
- Prepare financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions.

Confirmation Statements: LyondellBasell

Basell Polyolefine GmbH: Finance and Accounting
Internship from June 2005 until August 2005

Company Profile of Basell Polyolefine GmbH:

LyondellBasell’s Wesseling / Knapsack Complex includes two manufacturing sites in the chemical region of the Cologne / Rhineland of Germany that operate as an integrated facility. The Wesseling site began operation in 1953 and today comprises more than 2.7 square kilometres. It is LyondellBasell’s largest facility in Europe. The Knapsack site, about 15 kilometers from the Wesseling site, began operation in 1970 and is located in the Chemiepark Knapsack, near the town of Huerth.

The Wesseling/ Knapsack Complex has a production capacity of more than 2.2 million tons of polyolefins a year. Two crackers, four high density polyethylene plants, two low density polyethylene plants, three polypropylene plants and one advanced polyolefins plant are in operation among the two sites. Additionally, Wesseling has its own power plant with a capacity of 470 MW, a wastewater treatment plant and a sewage incineration plant. Products from the facilities are used for films, cable and pipe coatings, fuel tanks, injection mouldings and household articles.
Approximately 2,000 employees and 170 trainees work at Wesseling, along with 1,000 contractors. Knapsack has about 150 employees.

My Job Function within Basell Polyolefine GmbH:

During my three month internship at Basell Polyolefine GmbH I had the opportunity to be in one of Germanys biggest oil & gas refinery and at the finance headquarters of Basell Polyolefine GmbH. During my internship I walked through different finance departments, such as the accounting and financial consultation department.

In the accounting department I analyzed, evaluated and constructed the annual report, as well as the financial statements. All documents had to be published after the fiscal rules of IFRS, HGB and US-GAAP.

In the financial consultation department I prepared, prioritized and created financial budgets, each showing different investment opportunities for new suppliers.

Job Description in Detail:

Apply principles of accounting to analyze financial information and prepare financial reports by compiling information, preparing profit and loss statements, and utilizing appropriate accounting control procedures.

- Prepare profit and loss statements and monthly closing and cost accounting reports.
- Compile and analyze financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions.
- Analyze and review budgets and expenditures for local, state, federal, and private funding, contracts, and grants.
- Monitor and review accounting and related system reports for accuracy and completeness.

Confirmation Statement: Basell Polyolefine GmbH

Sara Lee: Product Research and Development
Internship from March 2002 until April 2002

Company Profile of Sara Lee:

Sara Lee Corporation's leading brands are household names known around
the globe. Our preeminent brands are built on consumer needs and expectations, offering exceptional quality and value. Our brands include Ambi Pur, Ball Park, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kiwi, Sanex, Senseo and our namesake, Sara Lee.

Sara Lee Corporation builds and maintains leadership positions through innovation and responsiveness. Some of our brands are decades - or even centuries - old, and many are leaders in their respective categories.

My Job Function within Sara Lee:

During my Internship at Sara Lee I was involved in a research project. For this research project I had to start a field research and interview people. My results were updated in a company wide database.

Alongside my field research, I had the privilege to walk though almost every department and witness the process of how a new product is being developed and launched afterwards. My field research was a great input to identify, strategize and propose a new product for research and development.

Job Description in Detail:

Coordinate research and development activities and special projects. Responsible for a field research study and maintenance of the Customer Database.

- Direct and coordinate field research operations within company policies and procedures.
- Responsible for a field research study and its results.
- Conduct customer performance reviews.

Confirmation Statement: Sara Lee