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SIEMENS AG: Corporate Development Executive Affairs
Working Student from October 2009 until August 2010

Company Profile of SIEMENS AG:
Siemens has been synonymous with international focus and worldwide presence for over 160 years. Today, Siemens is a global powerhouse with activities in nearly 190 regions.
With a presence in some 190 countries, we can offer customers fast, local, tailor-made solutions. And that gives us a decisive competitive edge. Our roughly 405,000 employees work at 1,640 locations around the globe, including 176 R&D facilities.

My Job Function within SIEMENS AG:

The Corporate Development Executive Affairs organization directly reports to the Management Board and CEO of Siemens. This organization focuses on the management and placement of High Potentials (the Top 600 People of Siemens) to ensure corporate strategy.

My Job Function was to assist and develop the 4Success site which maintains all individual performance and potential evaluations of Siemens employee's. Besides the development and implementation of 4Success it was my job to organize interviews with global Siemens Top Talents.

During the Siemens Management Review process I was obliged to prepare documents for the CEO of Siemens and the Board of Directors team.

Job Description in Detail:

Provide leadership and coordination of company Human Resource functions. Develop and implement corporate Human Resource strategy and programs.
Responsible for all human resource activities for the company. Provide advice, assistance and follow-up on company policies, procedures, and documentation. Coordinate the resolution of specific policy-related and procedural problems and inquiries.

- Create company strategic recruitment and selection plan.
- Coordinate company equal opportunity programs to achieve diversity goals.
- Evaluate and recommend human resource outsourcing opportunities and identify potential vendors.
- Responsible for human resource activities to include employment, compensation, labor relations, benefits, and training and development for the 300 - 600 High Potentials of Siemens and the Managing Board.
- Provide advice, assistance and follow-up on company policies, procedures, and documentation for the High Potentials.
- Develop and recommend operating policy and procedural improvements for the Managing Board.

Confirmation Statement Siemens AG:

Faurecia Exhaust Systems: Program Management DaimlerChrysler
Working Student from September 2007 until December 2007

Company Profile of Faurecia:
Faurecia, a global player in the automotive industry, is driven by a real passion for the automotive world.
The passion of a leading supplier, a partner delivering innovation, engineering and production support to the world's automakers. What passion means to Faurecia is understanding what automakers and consumers want in order to develop technical solutions and products for creating the car of tomorrow... an increasingly personalized car tailored to the needs of every driver, while meeting growing environmental constraints.Automotive passion involves blazing a new trail, managing complex, international projects and generating industrial efficiency, while ensuring continual involvement, commitment and transparency. It involves being in perpetual motion, driven by a business culture for progress deeply rooted among our 62,000 employees... men and women serving automakers and consumers around the world, from Aulnay to Cleveland, Porto Real to Pizek, and Shanghai to Yokohama.We possess and continually develop the expertise and passion required to drive a radically changing automotive industry, and we invite you to share them with us.

My Job Function within Faurecia:

As a working student for Faurecia exhaust systems I was working for the Program Management Department DaimlerChrysler.
The Program Management Department DaimlerChrysler appointed me a Make-or-Buy project for exhaust muffler systems. During my project I conceptualized and evaluated my findings and presented them in front of the research & development department of Faurecia exhaust systems.

My findings improved and inspired the Make-or-Buy decision in a positive way and enhanced a new exhaust muffler system for DaimlerChrysler, which is now being developed for the A-Class and B-Class Mercedes.

Next to my Make-or-Buy decision project I had to assist the Program Manager for DaimlerChrysler by complementing, summarizing and concluding his presentations for the Upper Management.

Furthermore I was appointed to consult the budgeting process at Faurecia exhaust systems with my business administration and practical knowledge.

Job Description in Detail:

Provide administrative support to a department and Manager. Duties include general consulting, and project based work. Project a professional company image through in-person and phone interaction.

- Approve company operational procedures, policies, and standards.
- Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.
- Communicate with other Supervisors and Managers.
- Other duties as assigned.

Confirmation Statement: Faurecia Exhaust Systems