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University Erlangen-Nuremberg: Language Lab and TOEFL Administrator
Student Assistant from April 2008 until August 2009

Company Profile of the Language Laboratory:
The Language Laboratory is a central Department of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. It is responsible for the practical language usage among students and for regional studies.

Furthermore the Language Laboratory offers all Bachelor and Master Students the possibility to study many different Languages and to advance their key qualifications. Since the demand in technical terminology is growing especially for business, law, economics, medical and technical studies, we try to satisfy this demand through E-Learning platforms.
In addition to our E-Learning platforms we offer students the possibility to participate at the TOEFL online examination to further develop their language skills.

My Job Function within the Language Laboratory:

I was employed as a Student Assistant for the language lab and as a TOEFL Administrator for a year and a half and had the occasion to work for one of the chairs at my University and work for the leading language examination test centers.
The language lab provides a broad range of languages among which students can choose the language that fits best in their curricular activities. As a Student Assistant I had to consult students about their language program and super vice them during examinations.
Additionally I was working for TOEFL as an Administrative Staff for the internet based language Test Center. To be granted this job I had to participate in an online English examination program to show my skills with computer hardware, as well as to prove my language skills in English. Since I have passed this examination I was granted to work for TOEFL for a year and a half.

Job Description in Detail:

Perform a variety of computer operations during the internet based TOEFL examination. Monitor console control panel and make procedural and operational corrections as necessary. Answer phones to respond to general students inquires, invoice questions, and students complaints. Project a professional Language Lab Faculty image through phone interaction.

- Answer phones and respond to students requests.
- Recommend process improvements.
- Write, review, and edit reports, opinions, correspondence, articles, and other documents.
- Provide career development advice to students with a special focus on languages.
- Other duties as assigned. daher bei einem späteren Besuch noch einmal auf dieser Seite vorbei. Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse!

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