Curriculum Vitae
Work Experience
Working Student
Student Assistant
Bloomberg Certificate
Language Skills

Over the past few years I already gained a lot of practical experience through various internships and enjoyed the implementation of theoretical knowledge in practice. These internships also helped me to acquire new knowledge especially in the fields of Corporate Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Corporate Development, Program Management and Customer Service.

The section “Internships” presents all my recent internships in various companies. During my summer holidays I always worked as an internee in various companies, for at least 40 hours per week.

The section "Working Student" shows you my student jobs during my study period. I always worked alongside my study program, for at least 10 to 19 hours per week.

The section "Student Assistant" portrays my student assistant job during my study period. Besides my study I worked as a student assistant for the language lab and for the TOEFL organization. My student assistant job lasted between 10 to 13 hours per week.

The section "Skipper" illustrates my passion for sailing. Alongside my study I often go sailing with friends and enjoy the team experience and adventures that we experience everytime. Every year I sail approximately 1-8 weeks and take my friends, other students with me to experience this adventure.

The section "Bloomberg Certificate" depicts the four Bloomberg Certificates that I was acknowledged during my online training session. At the Kogod Business School of Washington I participated at an online tutorial and class lecture and afterward had to do five exams, all concentrating on the usage of Bloomberg terminals. After the successful completion of the five exams I was awarded 4 Certificates that illustrate my capability to use a Bloomberg terminal anywhere in the world.