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Stock Exchange Association BWN e.V.: Project Manager & Board Member

After I began my studies at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Nuremberg, I joined the student stock exchange association with approximately 100 members in October 2005.

The stock exchange association BWN e.V. belongs to the biggest stock exchange association "Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an Deutschen Hochschulen e.V. (BVH e.V.), in Germany.

The student stock exchange association showed me how interesting and fun it can be to invest money strategically and wisely at the stock exchange market.
One year after my membership, I joined the Board of Directors Team and was announced Project Manager.

During my executive placement I had the privilege to hold presentations in front of our member students about different topics all concentrating on the stock market and behavioral psychology. I even started to build up a small virtual exchange portfolio with our most active members, where we followed stocks on a regular basis and reported our performance in front of our members.

Furthermore I had to organize excursions with approximately 50 students to the stock exchange market in Frankfurt. The work at the student stock exchange association is not only fun and exciting, but also a privilege for me, and I hope that other students keep on joining our association.

Confirmation Statement: Student Stock Exchange Association BWN e.V.

Stock Market Seminar Certificate

American Sailing Association: Skipper and Member

Member of the A.S.A from August 2008 until Present

American Sailing Association is the leading authority on sailing instruction
& sailing schools in the United States.

In the twenty-five years since ASA began certifying sailing instructors and students to international standards, a number of other organizations have created similar programs. It is impossible for ASA to provide information on any individual or group that claims to have a certification system, so we recommend potential students perform enough research to make an informed decision.

Ever since I have joined the American Sailing Association I have been working as Skipper both commercially and voluntarily for other students. During my lecture-free summer time I organize Sailing Excursions in Greece together with other students.

Beneath I have posted all my different sailing licenses both my German and American sailing licenses.

American Sailing Association Membership