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My interest in the United Nations was early on determined mainly because of my upbringing. My upbringing has been clearly influenced by frequent moves and adjustments to new cultures and circumstances. Growing up internationally helped me to gain knowledge on numerous industrialized and newly industrializing countries and on various political views all over the world.

My first Model United Nations experience began in the year 2001. I have been actively participating in the Model United Nations conferences including the annual week-long THIMUN (The Hague Model United Nations) conference where 4,000 students from all over the world gather in The Hague to debate political topics. In my first THIMUN conference I worked on the Administrative Staff. My roles grew year-by-year and I was rewarded the position of the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic, during a one week conference in Dublin. In this conference I also had the honor to hold an opening speech in the General Assembly in front of more than 900 delegates.

The Model United Nations is a serious simulation of the ´real´ United Nations, New York and it has not only improved my English language skills, because everything is held in English, but also I have come into contact with a lot of students from different countries around the globe. I have maintained regular contacts via E-mail to some friends ever since.

Model United Nations 2004: Acting as Chief Executive Administration Staff

Model United Nations 2003: Acting as Delegate for Syria

International Model United Nations 2003: Acting as Ambassador of Syria

Model United Nations 2002: Acting as Delegate of Cuba

Model United Nations 2001: Acting as Administrative Staff